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Complementary feed from whole fish - Goby

Complementary feed from whole fish - Goby

Goby fish (Latin Gobiidae) are a family of ray-finned fish from the order of Goby-like fish (Gobiiformes), there are 1359 species. Delicious Goby is rich in vitamins PP, D, C, B and elements such as fluorine, chlorine, iodine, sulfur, chromium, molybdenum, zinc, nickel. Fish is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6, as well as in protein. Our Goby is cooked in special ovens and in a drying mode that allows us to preserve 70% -80% of the useful components found in whole fish. Dried goby is a great addition to your pet's daily diet, regardless of size. We are sure that they will appreciate this delicacy.
Feeding recommendations:
Depending on the size of the dog – 5-7 fishes per day
Always provide enough fresh drinking water!
Net weight: 5 kg.
Dimensions of fish (length): 8
Product code: 4.4.4
Analytical Constituents
Ingredients: 100% Goby
Energy value per 100g. product: 276 (1160) Kcal / kJ
Crude protein: 61 %
Crude fat: 7,2 %
Moisture content: 14,8 %
Omega 3: 4,46 %
Omega 6: 4,46 %
Omega 9: 4,46 %
Calcium: 25,2 g/kg
Phosphorus: 25,2 g/kg
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