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Complementary feed from Cod skin – sticks

Complementary feed from Cod skin – sticks

Cod skin, like Cod itself, is rich in proteins, but it contains even more protein - up to 83% !!!, which are absorbed by 93% –98%, while meat proteins - by 87% –89%.

Cod skin proteins are rich in important essential amino acids.

Our Cod skin products are handcrafted using a special oven-drying regime to retain 70% -80% of the nutrients and aromas contained in the fish. Cod skin products are a wonderful alliance of easily digestible protein, essential amino acids, and a product that allows your pet to strengthen and cleanse his teeth and massage the gums. In addition, the dried fish skin supplement is great for teething puppies!

Feeding recommendations:

Depending on the size of the dog - 2-3 pieces per day

Always provide enough fresh drinking water!
Net weight: 70 g.
Dimensions of product piece (length x diameter): 13.5 x 2.5
Product code: 3.3.1
Analytical Constituents
Ingredients: Fish - 100% Cod skin
Energy value per 100g. product: 243 Kcal / 1028 kJ
Crude protein: 83 %
Crude fat: 3,7 %
Carbohydrates: 0,4 %
Crude cellulose: 1,2 %
Crude ash: 9,08 %
Moisture content: <6 %
Omega 3: 0,7 %
Omega 6: 0,5 %
Omega 9: 1,4 %
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